Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

Codip pneumatic cylindrical diaphragm pumps for highly aggressive fluids. Flow rate up to 300 l/min und a maximum of 10 bar delivery head. Fluid temperature ranging from -20 to +180°C.

CODIP Pneumatic Cylindrical Diaphragm Pumps

CODIP Pneumatic Cylindrical Diaphragm Pumps

  • Safe to run dry, suitable for sensitive fluids due to gentle transfer
  • Maximum flow rate 300 l/min depending on the construction size
  • Fluid temperature ranging from -20 to + 180?C
  • Suitable for aggressive solvents and chemicals
  • The pumps are powered by compressed air and are ATEX- certified
  • A PTFE cylindrical diaphragm is used for the transfer of the material
  • This technique allows highly viscous, abrasive and corrosive materials to be transferred
  • Components which may come into contact with the fluid consist of PTFE, Viton, Hypalon, EPDM or Neoprene, depending on the application.
  • In principle, these pumps will not be damaged if operated against closed valves

The following table gives an overview about the relevant data for the models available

Model Flow Rate
[l / min]
Suction Head
Discharge Head
RP20 20 20 0.35 10
RP60 60 50 0.5 10
RP60 Duplex 120 50 0.6 10
RP150 150 80 0.4 10
RP150 Duplex 300 80 0.5 10

Cross section of a CODIP cylindrical diaphragm pump

Querschnitt einer CODIP Zylindermembranpumpe

The above figure illustrates the operating principle of the pump. When the diaphragm reduces the space inside the pump, the pressure of the fluid contained therein is increased. This causes the cylindrical diaphragm to become compressed and the fluid to be transferred is put into motion. Non-return valves prevent the fluid from flowing back.

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